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T4 Phage is Our Game

VersatileBio has developed novel T4 and T4-like phage surface protein display system and brand-new functional protein 1+1=2 high yield production systems, employing our versatile and excellent T4 phage macromolecular complex NanoBio-platform to serve customers. Our customers' needs is our orientation and first priority.

VersatileBio is a rapidly growing biotechnology company and we are bringing our unprecedented research achievements to the market for promoting bioscience productivity. Our advanced techniques and protein production strategies are a result of 20 years of research and development work and collaboration with academic research organizations and universities. We are at the cutting edge of T4 phage technology and application. VersatileBio is the world leader of using T4 and T4-like phage to develop biological and medical products in recent years and will continue the development of various animal and human vaccines. We are proud to find T4 and T4-like phage usage in vaccine R & D.  VersatileBio is the unique patent holder of:

1) T4 and T4 like phage surface display by Soc and Hoc sites and uses thereof

2) Expression of soluble protein at high efficiency by T4 Phage and uses thereof  

Our products and services are based on two proprietary methods of  1) T4-S-GPDS and 2) T4-M-SPES, both of which can afford over-size DNA cloning for surface-display and/or produce soluble exogenous protein of 10 -150 kDa. Using T4-S-GPDS method, the foreign proteins or peptides could be displayed on the phage particle surface in high copy number.  T4-M-SPES method produces soluble and refolded form of the foreign protein. With both methods, the exogenous protein is associated with the phage replication life circle just as intact domain, refolding in E.coli host plasma, typically, keeping its desired original biological activity. These characters make T4 and T4-like phage as a cutting-edge attractive protocol for consistent and large-scale production of medical biological peptides and proteins.

  We have developed a complete portfolio of T4 phage display and soluble protein expression Nano-platform tools.  Compared to our competitors, our T4 kits and methods can provide simple and more cost effective services crossing basic bioscience research to market products and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. Our T4 phage NanoBio platform will guide you through the exploration of drug discovery, vaccine and antibiotic peptide drug development, industrial peptide or protein production in high efficiency, and molecular diagnostics generation in the upcoming biomedical millennium.

We provide innovative, versatile kits and method of services to the life science research communities (universities, institutes and pharmaceutical firms) and customers, enhancing their biomedical research and industrial production.

Please contact us now and find out how we can partner today and help you achieve your goals!

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