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Versatile Biosciences LLC Patent Assets

VersatileBio is the Inventor and Assignee of the following patents, which provides us exclusive access to our cutting edge technologies.


T4 Phage display of intact domain at high copy number with designed activities for foreign protein.  (U.S. patent No 7,041,441, issued May 9, 2006).

Novel recombinant T4 phage particle containing HIV, H. pylori or cancer antigens and uses thereof. Application number: 20080299082.  



VersatileBio is a leader in T4 phage technology. The company has invented and developed a novel and unique T4 and T4-like phage method, utilizing T4 prolonged large phage particles surface and inside phage genome, where the exogenous protein and its coding-DNA simultaneously expressed and displayed in & on T4 phage particles (meaning, phage capsid surface loads the target protein and internal phage genome loads protein-coding DNA). The resultant recombinant T4 phage can consistently maintain genetic properties in offspring and used as a simple, high-yield tool for both DNA and protein production.

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