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About Us

Versatile Biosciences, a pioneer in T4 phage biotechnology and holder of the first-ever U.S. patent for T4 phage genetic engineering technology, operates with an unwavering purpose to bolster human health through our novel and distinctive T4 and T4-like phage methods. We are steadfast in our commitment to exploit the vast potential of our patented technology to bring forth transformative solutions in addressing the myriad of healthcare challenges prevalent today.


Our mission is to metamorphose the realm of biomedical science by leveraging our patented T4 bacteriophage technology, propelling the boundaries of therapeutic and preventive health possibilities. We are focused on:

Developing Safer Vaccines: Creating globally accessible vaccines that are both exceptionally safe and remarkably effective, meeting and exceeding international safety and efficacy standards.
Enhancing Therapeutics: Formulating innovative therapeutic agents using our T4 prolonged large phage particles surface and inside phage genome technology, providing unparalleled adaptability and precision in addressing diverse medical conditions.
Pioneering Personalized Medicine: Designing groundbreaking personalized medicine solutions to provide optimized, individual-centric treatment strategies.


To be a world-renowned leader in bioscience innovation, sculpting the future of healthcare through our unparalleled T4 bacteriophage-based solutions. We envision a healthier world where our cutting-edge, sustainable health solutions significantly elevate global health standards and improve the quality of life for communities worldwide.


Integrity: Upholding unwavering standards of transparency and ethics in all our endeavors.

Excellence: Pursuing innovation and excellence relentlessly in our scientific endeavors and healthcare solutions.

Collaboration: Nurturing an inclusive and collaborative environment to catalyze synergy and collective advancement.

Sustainability: Embedding sustainable and ethically responsible practices within our operational and research frameworks.

Versatile Biosciences Patent Assets

VersatileBio is the Inventor and Assignee of the following patents, which provides us exclusive access to our cutting edge technologies.



T4 Phage display of intact domain at high copy number with designed activities for foreign protein.  (U.S. patent No 7,041,441, issued May 9, 2006).

Novel recombinant T4 phage particle containing HIV, H. pylori or cancer antigens and uses thereof. Application number: 20080299082.  

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