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Our Technology

Our proprietary methods can facilitate over-sized DNA cloning for surface-display and/or produce soluble exogenous protein of 10 -170 kDa. With both methods, the exogenous protein is associated with phage replication life cycle the same as intact domain refolding in E.coli host plasma and retaining desired original biological activity. These characteristics make T4 and T4-like phage a cutting-edge, attractive protocol for consistent and large-scale production of medical biological peptides and proteins.  As a result, we have developed a complete portfolio of T4 phage display and soluble protein expression Nano-platform tools based on these inventions.

T4-S-GPDS (Surface Gene-Protein Display System) on phage capsid surface display

Using T4-S-GPDS method, foreign proteins or peptides can be displayed on phage particle surface in high copy number as intact domain with desired biological activity

T4-M-SPES (in Medium Soluble Protein Expression System) for soluble protein production

T4-M-SPES method produces soluble and refold form of the foreign protein

Safer Vaccines are a Necessity

We believe the power of phage allows for a healthier future when it comes to vaccines.  Our goal is to create vaccines that are adjuvant free as we harness the high immunogenicity of T4 bacteriophage capsid surface.  Imagine a recombinant or subunit vaccine with no adjuvant where we can display most particles as antigen.


It is important as vaccine technology evolves, that we have safe platforms that achieve the desired results in a safe and effective way.   Innovations should ensure that traditional principles such as controlling and dosing antigen quantity are adhered to.   

T4 bacteriophages are naturally occurring and are non-toxic to human health.  T4 phage is a well-known and utilized particle for various human health treatments and therapeutics in Europe and Asia. 



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